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noun: publicity
1.  the notice or attention given to someone or something by the media.
“the case attracted wide publicity in the press”
synonyms: public attention, public interest, public notice, media attention/interest, face time, exposure, glare, limelight More
2.  the giving out of information about a product, person, or company for advertising or promotional purposes.
“head of publicity and marketing”
synonyms: promotion, advertising, propaganda; 
3.  material or information used for publicity.

Stanice Anderson & Mike Tucker are innovative publicity, marketing and promotions architects.  Services include:


  • Publicity Campaigns including national and local press

  • Unique and tailored events

  • Press Releases

  • Social Networking & Marketing

  • Promotional material designing that pops; including brochures, flyers, business card packages

  • Sponsorship packages


Retainer-based or à la carte services available.


Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help you meet your publicity, marketing and promotions goals.


202-904-4955 or email Stanice Anderson or Mike Tucker

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